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Mountain Studios Privacy Policy

Here is our privacy policy regarding information sent to us!

MOUNTAIN STUDIOS has never and will never sell or give away information that our customers and potential customers provide to us.

All information is transmitted under a secure server and is only for the purpose of serving the people that allow us to be in business. We do not like it when we are targeted by companies buying a mailing list and we respect the absolute right of our customers and potential customers to keep this information confidential.

Rest assured that all information transmitted to us in any form will be held strictly confidential. You will be treated with respect and dignity here!

All transactions are conducted using an SSL layer. This means we use secure connections so no information can be obtained from us. Everything is encrypted using the best security systems we can get. We do not store credit card numbers on our servers so there is nothing to steal. We do not even see credit card information so even we cannot get to it.

We will do everything possible to safeguard your interests. We are here to serve you and no one else.